CNN) – New important details about the ongoing trials involving Donald Trump are set to be unveiled, as the former president intensifies his efforts to navigate his unprecedented legal challenges while also aiming for another White House bid.

This Monday, two significant hearings will take place in Georgia and Washington, propelling the drama surrounding Trump’s multiple criminal charges to a new level. These hearings follow the recent release of Trump’s mug shot, adding to the already extraordinary scenes and political maneuvers.

In Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will present substantial evidentiary arguments in the case against former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. This case centers around Meadows’ attempt to transfer his state case to a federal court. Simultaneously, in Washington, Judge Tanya Chutkan will hold a status hearing to consider the trial date in the federal investigation of Trump’s alleged obstruction of President Joe Biden’s assumption of office.

These hearings are crucial moments for Trump’s legal challenges as he simultaneously seeks the presidential nomination of a major party and faces trial in multiple criminal cases. The hearings serve as a preview of the upcoming strain on Trump and his resources in the next year, as he might spend more time in courtrooms than on the campaign trail.

The Georgia hearing focuses on Meadows’ case, not directly involving Trump. Meadows aims to move his case to federal court, potentially leading to dismissal based on his post-2020 election actions falling under his federal duties. Meanwhile, in Washington, the judge is expected to indicate the trial date for the federal investigation related to Trump’s alleged election interference.

This situation highlights the unique challenge Trump faces as he navigates legal battles while pursuing political ambitions. While these hearings captivate attention, the overall gravity of the situation might be underestimated. Trump is the first former president to face criminal charges while being a favorite in a presidential nomination race.

This analysis is adapted from a report by Stephen Collinson. (Source: CNN, August 28, 2023, 04:42 ET)